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1IDEGen automatically generates Android IDE configurations for IntelliJ IDEA
2and Eclipse. Your IDE should be able to compile everything in a reasonable
3amount of time with no errors.
5If you're using IntelliJ...
7    If this is your first time using IDEGen...
9        IDEA needs a lot of memory. Add "-Xms748m -Xmx748m" to your VM options
10        in "IDEA_HOME/bin/idea.vmoptions" on Linux or
11        "IntelliJ IDEA.app/Contents/Info.plist" on OS X.
13        Create a JDK configuration named "1.6 (No Libraries)" by adding a new
14        JDK like you normally would and then removing all of the jar entries
15        under the "Classpath" tab. This will ensure that you only get access to
16        Android's core libraries and not those from your desktop VM.
18    From the project's root directory...
20        Repeat these steps after each sync...
22        1) make (to produce generated .java source)
23        2) development/tools/idegen/idegen.sh
24        3) Open android.ipr in IntelliJ. If you already have the project open,
25           hit the sync button in IntelliJ, and it will automatically detect the
26           updated configuration.
28        If you get unexpected compilation errors from IntelliJ, try running
29        "Build -> Rebuild Project". Sometimes IntelliJ gets confused after the
30        project changes significantly.
32If you're using Eclipse...
34    If this is your first time using IDEGen...
36        Edit eclipse.ini ("Eclipse.app/Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini" on OS X) and
37        add "-Xms748m -Xmx748m" to your VM options.
39        Configure a JRE named "1.5 (No Libraries)" under "Preferences -> Java ->
40        Installed JREs". Remove all of the jar entries underneath "JRE system
41        libraries". Eclipse will not let you save your configuration unless at
42        least one jar is present, so include a random jar that won't get in the
43        way.
45    From the project's root directory...
47        Repeat these steps after each sync...
49        1) make (to produce generated .java source)
50        2) development/tools/idegen/idegen.sh
51        3) Import the project root directory into your Eclipse workspace. If you
52           already have the project open, simply refresh it (F5).
54Excluding source roots and jars
56    IDEGen keeps an exclusion list in the "excluded-paths" file. This file
57    has one regular expression per line that matches paths (relative to the
58    project root) that should be excluded from the IDE configuration. We
59    use Java's regular expression parser (see java.util.regex.Parser).
61    You can create your own additional exclusion list by creating an
62    "excluded-paths" file in the project's root directory. For example, you
63    might exclude all apps except the Browser in your IDE configuration with
64    this regular expression: "^packages/apps/(?!Browser)".
66Controlling source root ordering (Eclipse)
68    You may want some source roots to come before others in Eclipse. Simply
69    create a file named "path-precedence" in your project's root directory.
70    Each line in the file is a regular expression that matches a source root
71    path (relative to the project's root directory). If a given source root's
72    path matches a regular expression that comes earlier in the file, that
73    source root will come earlier in the generated configuration. If a source
74    root doesn't match any of the expressions in the file, it will come last,
75    so you effectively have an implicit ".*" rule at the end of the file.
77    For example, if you want your applications's source root to come first,
78    you might add an expression like "^packages/apps/MyApp/src$" to the top
79    of the "path-precedence" file.  To make source roots under ./out come last,
80    add "^(?!out/)" (which matches all paths that don't start with "out/").