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2This is the 1.2.0 version release of BIND 10.  Corresponding with
3this release, ISC has concluded its development work on the BIND
410 code base and it will be maintained and hosted by an outside
5group.  ISC will continue to develop BIND 9 and its DHCP software.
7BIND 10 provides an authoritative DNS server (with in-memory and
8SQLite3 backends), DNSSEC support, dynamic DNS, zone transfers.
9Supplementary components are included for statistics collection
10and reporting and remote configuration and control are included,
11as is an experimental recursive nameserver with support for
12forwarding. The continuation of this project is known as Bundy and
13hosted at  The source will be available via
14a public shared Git revision control hosting service with some past
15contributors managing the project outside of ISC's guidance. Its
16ticketing system and content collaboration will not be hosted by
19Since the June 2013 1.1.0 release, the new DNS highlights include
20incoming zone transfer statistics, support for CAA and TLSA resource
21records, and the zone loader now supports the zone file $GENERATE
22directive.  Note that the b10-xfrin "use_ixfr" configuration item
23is deprecated and a new configuration "zones/request_ixfr" may be
24used to replace it.  Also use "database_file" under the "data_sources"
25module for b10-xfrin inbound transfers and use b10-loadzone -e
26option to create an empty zone prior to the first transfer.
28The suite also provides DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers, a dynamic DNS
29component, a DHCP performance testing program, and a C++ library
30for DHCP.  ISC is continuing with the development of these components
31in a new project, Kea.  The versions of these components in the BIND
3210 release correspond to Kea 0.8.
34Since the June 2013 release, Kea has introduced many new DHCP
35features including support for relayed DHCPv6 traffic, the dynamic
36DNS updates module, a Hooks framework for customizing and extending
37DHCP behavior, Client FQDN Option, DHCPv4 Host Name option, Prefix
38Delegation (IA_PD and IAPREFIX options), Vendor Class option,
39support for sending back client-id, client classification at the
40basic level, ability to respond to directly-connected clients which
41do not have IP addresses, interface detection for FreeBSD, NetBSD,
42OpenBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris 11, Rebind message support for the
43DHCPv6 server, an experimental PostgreSQL database backend for
44leases, and CSV file storage for in-memory leases.
46For information about the Kea project, please visit
47If you have any questions or comments about working with the DHCP
48code, you may post them to the Kea DHCP Mailing List
51For the full commit history, please see the ChangeLog and the git
52Log.  This release doesn't introduce any code changes since last
53week's release candidate.
55The bind10-1.2.0 source may be downloaded from:
59A PGP signature of the distribution is at
63The signature was generated with the ISC code signing key which is
64available at
66Installation details are documented in the Guide.  In addition,
67installation suggestions for various operating systems are available
68via our wiki  (Please
69note that there are build regressions on Solaris platforms for the
70DNS code.)  The ./configure options --disable-dns and --disable-dhcp
71may be used to provide an optional DHCP- or DNS-only build and
74BIND 10 was a sponsored development project, and would not be possible
75without the generous support of the past sponsors:  AFNIC, Afilias,
76CIRA, CNNIC, CZ.NIC, DENIC eG, Google, IIS.SE, JPRS, Nominet, .nz Registry
77Services, RIPE NCC,, SIDN, and Technical Center of Internet.
78Support for the new DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 components is provided by
81As the release engineer for the past 34 development snapshots and
82release versions, I'd like to thank the many contributors, sponsors,
83and developers for their assistance with this project.
85Jeremy C. Reed
86ISC Release Engineering