1# $FreeBSD$
3This directory is for tools.
5A tool is something which is sometimes useful, and doesn't fit any of
6the other categories.
8Please make a subdir per program, and add a brief description to this
11ansify		Convert K&R-style function definitions to ANSI style
12ath		Tools specific to the Atheros 802.11 support
13cfi		Common Flash Interface (CFI) tool
14commitsdb	A tool for reconstructing commit history using md5
15		checksums of the commit logs.
16crypto		Test and exercise tools related to the crypto framework
17cxgbetool	A tool for the cxgbe(4) driver.
18cxgbtool	A tool for the cxgb(4) driver.
19diffburst	OBSOLETE: equivalent functionality is available via split -p.
20		For example: "split -p ^diff < patchfile". See split(1).
21drm		Tools specific to the DRM/KMS device drivers.
22editing		Editor modes and the like to help editing FreeBSD code.
23epfe 		Extract printing filter examples from printing.sgml.
24ether_reflect	An Ethernet packet reflector for low level testing.
25find-sb		Scan a disk for possible filesystem superblocks.
26gdb_regofs	A simple tool that prints out a register offset table
27		for mapping gdb(1) register numbers to struct reg and
28		struct fpreg offsets. The tool is useful on selected
29		platforms only.
30genericize	Turn a kernel config into something that can more easily
31		be diffed against the appropriate GENERIC.
32hcomp		Compress header files by removing comments and whitespace.
33html-mv         Rename HTML generated filenames to human readable filenames.
34ifinfo		Uses the interface MIB to print out all the information
35		an interface exports in an ugly form.
36indent_wrapper	Tool for style(9) checking SVN/GIT patches.
37iso             Tool to compare the iso3166 and iso639 files in
38		/usr/share/misc with the data from the master sites.
39iwi		Tools specific to the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG/2225BG/2915ABG
40		support.
41kdrv		KernelDriver; add/list/remove third-party kernel driver
42		source to/in/from a kernel source tree.
43kernelcruft	Shellscript to find orphaned *.c files in /sys
44kerninclude	Shellscript to find unused #includes in the kernel.
45kernxref	Shellscript to cross reference symbols in the LINT kernel.
46kttcp		An in-kernel version of the ttcp network performance tool
47mctest		A multicast test program
48mid	 	Create a Message-ID database for mailing lists.
49mwl		Tools specific to the Marvell 88W8363 support
50ncpus		Count the number of processors
51netmap		Test applications for netmap(4)
52notescheck	Check for missing devices and options in NOTES files.
53npe		Tools specific to the Intel IXP4XXX NPE device
54nxge		A diagnostic tool for the nxge(4) driver
55pciid		Generate src/share/misc/pci_vendors.
56pciroms		A tool for dumping PCI ROM images. WARNING: alpha quality.
57pirtool		A tool for dumping the $PIR table on i386 machines at runtime.
58portsinfo 	Generate list of new ports for last two weeks.
59recoverdisk	Copy as much data as possible from a defective disk.
60scsi-defects	Get at the primary or grown defect list of a SCSI disk.
61sysdoc		Build a manual page with available sysctls for a specific
62		kernel configuration.
63tinybsd		Script to build FreeBSD embedded systems.
64track		Track the progress of a world / kernel build
65vimage		An interim utility for managing the virtualized network
66		stack infrastructure.
67vop_table	Generates a HTML document that shows all the VOP's in
68		the kernel.
69vxge		A diagnostic tool for the vxge(4) driver
70whereintheworld	Summarizes "make world" output.