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3find-sb is a program which scans the input file you specify (normally a
4raw disk slice) for filesystems.  It's not very smart, nor particularly
5efficient.  All it does is read the input file one device block at a time,
6and when it reads a block that has a UFS superblock magic number in the
7right place, it tells you about it.  It helped me find an important partition
8after the disklabel got somehow trashed.  It might not work for you.  After
9looking carefully at the output of this program and creating a new disklabel,
10you should use `fsck -n' or a tool like ffsinfo(8) to verify that there is
11in fact something vaguely sane located at that spot on the disk.  (There are
12checks that fsck can do to verify the validity of the superblock which
13this program does not even attempt.)
15If you use this program and as a result trash what was left of your disk,
16well, too bad.  You should have kept a backup anyway.  If you read the source
17code and don't immediately understand how it works and what it's doing, then