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1              NASM, the Netwide Assembler.
3Many many developers all over the net respect NASM for what it is
4- a widespread (thus netwide), portable (thus netwide!), very
5flexible and mature assembler tool with support for many output
6formats (thus netwide!!).
8Now we have good news for you: NASM is licensed under the "simplified"
9(2-clause) BSD license.  This means its development is open to even
10wider society of programmers wishing to improve their lovely
13The NASM project is now situated at SourceForge.net, the most
14popular Open Source development site on the Internet.
16Visit our website at http://nasm.sourceforge.net/ and our
17SourceForge project at http://sourceforge.net/projects/nasm/
19See the file CHANGES for the description of changes between revisions,
20and the file AUTHORS for a list of contributors.
22                                                   With best regards,
23                                                           NASM crew.